It has been seven sad years I’ve waited for your return,

I know it’s impossible, but you know I’d never learn.

The fact that you’re gone has always been hard to accept,

Tried my best to follow you, even made several attempts.

It has never been the same without you here,

Waking up with that thought became my everyday fear.

Now, there’s no one else who could tuck me to bed and hug me so tight,

Nor could anyone bother to sing me the heavens when I can’t sleep at night.

Who could tell me bed time stories even when I’m old,

And keep me warm with his love whenever I feel cold.

Someone who could laugh so hard at my all time not-so funny joke,

And could always tell me to be happy even when we are homeless and broke.

I miss you, please come back to me and visit me soon.

So we could have the chance again, to talk about your travels to the stars and the moon.

I am still hoping that the worlds would permit our paths to cross one day,

To be able to tell you finally these words I have always wanted to say:

“I have known no other man that could be as great as you,

I love you, daddy. I will always do.”


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