First of all, I want you to know that I love you. From that very first day we met at the school elevator up to our last meeting at McDonald’s, it never changed. Not even a bit.

But I want you to understand that no matter how much love I have for you, we had to end the twenty-month relationship and close the book. We needed it for our personal growth; we needed it to find ourselves in love with our own; we needed it to create a foundation more deeper and stronger than what we have created. We needed to let ourselves free from the limitations we’ve drawn ourselves from and we needed the space we deserved.

We are both so young in love and we explored way too fast without even inhaling the beauty it brought. We went too fast without realizing that small things were unconsciously being left behind- small important things that soon grew bigger without us knowing. It grew way bigger than what we could handle and it blew off just like that. We went too fast that we eventually grew tired in the middle of the road and broke out. Yes, we went too fast that even time had trouble catching up.

We could have saved the relationship though. I could have stopped myself from bidding my goodbyes with the bittersweet tears I shed while I reminisced the old times- but no. It was time to mend the broken lines our story created and we know very well that it was only for the best. We know that, it would just take a matter of time before it sinks in.

We are now traversing a new journey separately; it would be lonely at first but when we get to see the bright side I promise it would be even better than when you were with me.

Do not be afraid to explore and take the risks, do not hold back thinking that you are still tied up because I want you to be as free as you can be. Grow in your own little way and get your ass out that comfort zone. Trust me, I would definitely be doing the same.

Travel. Spend your money on things that you love. Laugh hard with your friends. Party till you drop. Get a job and be promoted. Do every crazy thing to get your mind off the break up and be happy. Okay?

I’ll always be here. I’d be watching over you. I would be here cheering for your success in the most discreet way possible, I promise.

But for now, let’s just take things slowly and try looking at the world in a newer and better perspective than how we used to look and live the moment we have failed to cherish.

Maybe on the next try, when we become stronger and older- we can re-write a better version of our not-so finished book. Right? Who knows!



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