Have you ever felt giddy all over someone yet you’re tied up to someone else? I mean, man! It is bad, but oddly good in a sense that you end up getting excited every now and then. I know how it feels, because basically I am feeling it too.

You can judge me for whatever reasons, even to the point where the only word appropriate for this sort of action is “cheating”- I.don’t.care.

But how did all this happen?

Well, believe it or not we all go through some situations wherein our partner no longer satisfies our needs- basically this doesn’t only pertain to sexual aspects but it goes to the feeding of emotional hunger as well. When you no longer feel like you are being yourself for an instance is already a step forward. I mean, why the hell would you keep yourself trapped in a box where you can’t even continue expressing yourself to your partner? Why stay if even the air you breathe becomes a limitation? Why keep up with someone who doesn’t even want to keep up with you? Why torture yourself with someone like that? Do not tell me because it is love, do not tell me because you value the sweet moments you shared when in reality all those were just a good old “pretend”. Crap. All you need is leave.

But honestly, it’s not as easy as I thought it was. I could have ended all these before it even started but he kept holding on. I could have saved myself from all the trouble it is causing me but he wanted to save it one more time, even if the only thing that could have helped this relationship  was to leave. But no. So here starts cheating.

Cheating can be the most gruesome thing one can do, but it could also bring the chills up to your intestine. We all know that! We are very much aware that all of us are guilty of this- but why? Maybe because human beings just love the things or persons that shouldn’t be loved; we hunger for thrilling moments; we do adventures that are sick and weird at the same time even if it is not safe; we let our little demons out once in a while; and we just do the exact things that we think we are happy with. We might be wrong, but at the end of the day- all you would care about is yourself- what you think is right and what you think is best for you.

Yes, I cheated. I am cheating. I am falling in love and falling out of love simultaneously. I am linked with someone else and by accepting this fact slowly destroys me.

It destroys me as a person, it destroys the relationship we once built; it destroys him as a person; and it definietly destroys the relationship that we would be building separately.



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