I believe you’ve been having crazy and scary nightmares at night, you wake up at 3 am and start looking for someone who is not even there. You panic; you keep your feet on the bed and look for your phone for your flash light. You turn it on, hear your heart beating ten times louder than usual, the cat creates ugly thumps on your rooftop, the baby in the neighborhood wails and it gives you creeps. You watched the new horror movie that came up and you remembered you are alone in the house at this hour. Goosebumps? Totally. But here is how you get away from it. Three easy steps you can actually do, three hilariously stupid things you might not have been familiar with but you would be doing it anyway.

Step one, always sleep with your earphones on the side of your bed. Do not sleep while using it, though. Trust me, when you wake up at 3 am- you would definitely need something to use as ear barriers. Get the beat on, turn the volume up and stop worrying.

Step two, keep convos or good pictures on your phone to keep yourself from having nightmares after the horror movie you’ve watched.

Step three, just do Step one and two and close your eyes. Go back to sleep. You’re old enough.



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